I started Amy Writes Things for a place to share my organisation hacks, budgeting tips and small space living solutions.

Want to know a little more about me? Here’s a quick-fire question round: 

Who are you?

I’m Amy McDonnell. My pronouns are she/her and I identify as a bisexual female. 

Where do you live?

I’m from St Albans in Hertfordshire. I love it so much that I created a dedicated Instagram page (@BestofStAlbans) to all the (many many) pictures I take. 

Why should I care about what you say?

That’s up to you, obviously. But, I like to believe I’m a no-bs type of woman who is open to criticism and respectful conversations about pretty much anything. 

Where can I find you on the internet? 

I’m on Instagram @_amywritesthings. Come and say hey! You can also email me at amywritesthingsblog@gmail.com if you want to contact me about anything.