When we moved into our studio flat in December 2018, we knew everything would be a little bit cramped, especially our bedroom.

Because although our bedroom is unlike a typical studio as it’s sectioned off by two walls with two gaps for ‘doors’, it’s still a very small room.

Fortunately, we’ve created a very liveable space that stores everything we need, whilst also looking cute. So, here are my tips for decorating and furnishing your tiny master bedroom.

Keep it minimalist

Your Pinterest board may be filled with beautiful bedrooms with glamorous ottomans, a dressing table and king size bed, but in a small space — less is more.

We have a bed, two bedside tables and a wardrobe. It’s tight enough with those three items, but it’s functional.

You should also opt for lighter coloured furniture to make the room look larger than it is. Dark furniture can close a room in while is the opposite of what you want if you don’t have much space.

Maximise under the bed

Ottoman beds offer a substantial amount of space, but in reality, you can’t access anything if someone is asleep in the bed.

We chose the IKEA MALM bed with four large drawers which are 59x92cm because it gives us so much storage. Plus, if you use dividers or boxes, you can create multi-use spaces.

Mount bedside tables

Bedside tables can take up a lot of room but are pretty necessary. Instead, opt for a wall-mounted one like this, or keep it simple with a floating shelf.

I’d recommend getting one with a drawer because smart storage is key in a small bedroom.

Create a built-in wardrobe

You need space for your clothes, but a boxy wardrobe isn’t always the right choice for a small bedroom.

We bought a huge wardrobe when we first moved in because we prioritised storage over practicality. Unfortunately, we’ve realised that it was a mistake as James has to crab walk down the end of the bed to get to his side every night. 

Instead, we created an open concept/built-in wardrobe to increase the space around the bed and even make room for a dressing table.

Open wardrobe using IKEA KALLAX units
We’re using Kallax units and a clothing rail to create a budget built-in wardrobe.

Use felt hangers

If you hang your clothes, the best way to maximise space is to replace any mix-match hangers with uniform ones. In particular, these slim felt hangers are ideal because they’re non-slip and create more space in your wardrobe.

Store your shoes elsewhere

Shoes can take up a lot of room, so we chose to install this shoe cabinet in our hallway. Not only did this free up space in the bedroom, but it also added a surface in our hallway and shoes are honestly better suited next to the front door anyway.

This is a really old picture of our entryway, but there’s a makeover pending.

Make use of high ceilings with shelves

If you have the vertical space, put shelves up high and use cubed storage boxes to keep items you don’t use often like seasonal clothes or spare towels.

Give everything a home

Make sure everything in your bedroom has a home. This means you’re less likely to end up with clutter piles of things you have no idea where to store.

If you have too much stuff, you might need to declutter your belongings by donating or selling them. 

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