If you’ve watched more than one YouTube video in your life, you’ve no doubt seen a HelloFresh advert. Founded in 2011, it’s the household name for meal delivery services and something I never thought I would do.

In fact, I heavily judged people who used HelloFresh because it’s just so much cheaper to cook food from scratch.

How wrong I was.

Having worked from home for over a year now, my relationship with food has ebbed and flowed. At first, I thoroughly enjoyed having the time to make ‘proper’ meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But as the months went on, trying to think of healthy, varied and tasty dinners to cook every single day, alongside breakfast and lunch, became tiresome. We were ordering takeaways twice a week and eating plenty of ‘shove in the oven’ food on the days in between.

I can’t recall what the final turning point was, but I proposed the idea to James with the allure of a few weeks of discounted food. Fortunately, we both thoroughly enjoyed it and were hooked.

What is HelloFresh?

HelloFresh is a meal delivery service that gives you up to five meals for two-four people. 

You pick your recipes from a huge list every week and they’re delivered to your door once a week, with the ingredients portioned and a handy recipe card that anyone can follow.

You can opt out any time, skip weeks and reduce or increase your meals per week.

So, why do we love it? Let me explain.

The convenience

We choose our menu every Tuesday and it’s delivered the following Monday. I decant all the ingredients into glass boxes from IKEA with the instructions in to keep the fridge tidy.

All of the food is weighed and prepared for you, meaning you only have to cut up a few veggies and follow the instructions to cook healthy and tasty food. Each recipe card also has the cooking time on it, between 25 and 45 minutes, so you can choose the shorter times if you need.

It also saves the hassle of wondering ‘what’s for dinner’ tonight, or being turned off by some extravagant recipe you found on Saturday that you can no longer be bothered to cook.

The variety

Keeping dinner (or any meal tbh!) fresh and funky is monotonous. HelloFresh has alleviated that for us. Monday to Thursday, we know what we’re eating and it’s always a meal we’d have never made ourselves otherwise.

We’ve probably only repeated meals once or twice in the three months we’ve used HelloFresh and that’s through choice, not because there wasn’t anything else on offer.

This alone is one of the main reasons we’ve kept going with it and we only have four meals so we can be more experimental over the weekend and have a ‘treat’ on Fridays.

The health factor

Throughout the pandemic, I struggled to consistently eat nutritious meals, because let’s face it, what else was there to look forward to than a bi-weekly takeaway!

In December, I cracked and one of the major appeals of HelloFresh was the nutritional information. I can now pick dinners that fit within my desired calories, meaning I know I have a more varied diet and can be more experimental at the weekend.

Knowing that four out of my seven dinners are home-cooked and well-balanced has made eating healthier easier.

The price

I thought HelloFresh would be expensive, but it isn’t. We pay £35 a week for four dinners for two, plus delivery so it costs £4.38 each per meal.

You can batch-make some gorgeous recipes that cost less than £2-3 per meal. You can also probably make each meal for cheaper or the same. However, we found that to make some of the meals, you need to buy an entire jar special sauce, oils or seasonings that you never use again and end up chucking out six months later.

Plus, it has stopped me ordering a takeaway on many occasions because the meals are really easy to make. So it’s probably saved me £££s already.

However, combined with the variety and convenience, we’re happy to pay a little extra knowing that we have top-quality meals pre-prepared for us after a long day at work.

The environmental impact

Choosing eco-conscious business was a priority of mine in 2020 and before choosing HelloFresh, I did my research.

Apparently, HelloFresh customers waste 21% less food than those buying from supermarkets. We’ve definitely found that we’re throwing away less food because we’re not buying random veggies we forgot to use.

Their supply chain is also shorter than traditional supermarkets, meaning they have a smaller carbon footprint. Plus they offset 100% of their direct CO2 emissions.

All the packaging is also recyclable or recycled, with primarily cardboard boxes and bags. No plastic in sight!

In conclusion

It’s not the cheapest way of cooking, and it’s not for everyone. But, if you’re low on time and want nutritious, easy to cook food for your mid-week meals – GO FOR IT.

I’m so excited to see how positively it impacts our evenings once we’re back in the office full-time. Although, that’s unlikely to happen for me!

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